Scarecrow Video

From July 2015 through December 2016, I wrote a monthly column entitled “Cinema Collectibles” for Scarecrow Video, Seattle’s largest independent video store and film-oriented non-profit organization. For my column, I would revisit various items from my vast movie memorabilia collection and discuss why certain objects (and the film(s) related to them) have enduring sentimental value to me.

Below are the links to my articles, as well as a review of Seu Jorge’s Life Aquatic Tribute to David Bowie concert, held at Seattle’s Benaroya Hall in November of 2016:

BeingThere_LobbyCard   Official Being There lobby card

CC_2_Thumb   Mae West and Marlene Dietrich’s record albums

CC_3_Thumb   Times Square DVD and double album

CC_4_Thumb   The paperback novelization of Midnight Run

CC_5_Thumb   Miscellaneous Andy Kaufman mementoes

CC_6_Thumb   3:10 to Yuma promotional T-shirt

CC_7_Thumb   The Portrait of Ernest Borgnine

CC_8_Thumb   Non-official Quadrophenia magnets

CC_9_Thumb   Reissued movie soundtracks on 180-gram vinyl

CC_10_Thumb   Vintage VHS tapes

CC_11_Thumb   The published script and map for Time Bandits

CC_Plan9_Thumb   Ed Wood memorabilia

CC_12_Thumb   Classic illustrated posters for Alligator and Orca

CC_13_Thumb   Official merchandise for box office bombs

LifeAquatic_Thumb   Concert Review: Seu Jorge’s Life Aquatic Tribute to David Bowie




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