Scarecrow Video

From July 2015 through December 2016, I wrote “Cinema Collectibles”, a monthly column for Scarecrow Video, Seattle’s largest independent video store/film-based non-profit organization. I would revisit various items from my movie memorabilia collection and write why certain objects (and the film(s) related to them) have enduring sentimental value to me and other like-minded cinema buffs.

Below are the links to my blog posts, as well as a concert review of Seu Jorge’s Life Aquatic Tribute to David Bowie, held at Seattle’s Benaroya Hall in November of 2016:

BeingThere_LobbyCard   Official Being There lobby card

CC_2_Thumb   Mae West and Marlene Dietrich’s record albums

CC_3_Thumb   Times Square DVD and double album

CC_4_Thumb   The paperback novelization of Midnight Run

CC_5_Thumb   Miscellaneous Andy Kaufman mementoes

CC_6_Thumb   3:10 to Yuma promotional T-shirt

CC_7_Thumb   The Portrait of Ernest Borgnine

CC_8_Thumb   Non-official Quadrophenia magnets

CC_9_Thumb   Reissued movie soundtracks on 180-gram vinyl

CC_10_Thumb   Vintage VHS tapes

CC_11_Thumb   The published script and map for Time Bandits

CC_Plan9_Thumb   Ed Wood memorabilia

CC_12_Thumb   Classic illustrated posters for Alligator and Orca

CC_13_Thumb   Official merchandise for box office bombs

LifeAquatic_Thumb   Concert Review: Seu Jorge’s Life Aquatic Tribute to David Bowie




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