About Me

I’m a digital advertising veteran and Pacific Northwest native who writes editorial content and blog posts. I like popular culture, small town roadside attractions, and traveling the West Coast and Canada with my wife and two terriers. A complete summary of my work and writing experience can be found here. If you like what you’ve read... Continue Reading →


I've written editorial content for LewisTalk, a website profiling local businesses and community organizations in Lewis County, Washington, since August 2016. Whenever I conduct interviews, I always hear inspiring stories and anecdotes from people pursuing their passion, whether it’s an antique store, a Mexican restaurant, or a group of individuals working to raise the profile of... Continue Reading →

Scarecrow Video

From July 2015 through December 2016, I wrote "Cinema Collectibles", a monthly column for Scarecrow Video, Seattle's largest independent video store and film-based non-profit organization. I would revisit various items from my movie memorabilia collection and write why certain objects (and the film(s) related to them) have enduring sentimental value to me and other like-minded... Continue Reading →


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